4.1.5Outlook and Guidance

The pandemic and associated impact on the oil market has caused oil and gas companies to reassess their portfolios and investments. However, large capacity deep water developments, continue to be preferentially selected by customers thanks to their cost and carbon efficient characteristics. The Company remains disciplined in the selection of its opportunities and prioritizes these large capacity projects. In addition, the Company continues to invest in its positioning in the floating offshore wind market.

The Company’s 2022 Directional revenue guidance is above US$3.1 billion, of which around US$1.6 billion is expected from the Lease and Operate segment and above US$1.5 billion from the Turnkey segment. 2022 Directional EBITDA guidance is around US$900 million for the Company.

This guidance considers the currently foreseen COVID-19 impacts on projects and fleet operations, including supply chain effects. The Company highlights that the direct and indirect impact of the pandemic could continue to have a material impact on the Company’s business and results and the realization of the guidance for 2022.