1.3.1Vision and Values

OUR Vision

Through its vision and subsequent actions, SBM Offshore helps societies and other stakeholders to accomplish the energy transition. Safe, sustainable and affordable energy for generations to come will require renewable energy and cleaner forms of fossil energy – provided by leading companies with the right ethics. SBM Offshore is committed to this, by addressing climate change without interrupting the essential supply of energy needed to support societies. The contribution and participation of global energy companies and service providers such as SBM Offshore are essential to achieve a responsible energy transition. Many people, especially in less developed economies, depend on the relevant experience and resources of those companies. This is where SBM Offshore’s products can play a role. SBM Offshore is partnering with others for this purpose, sharing experience to make it happen.

OUR Values

SBM Offshore’s core values reflect its long history of industry leadership. They are the essence of SBM Offshore, defining who each SBMer is and how SBM Offshore works. The values create the company culture, which guides each employee to help achieve SBM Offshore’s vision wherever SBM Offshore operates around the world.


SBMers act professionally and in an ethical, honest and reliable manner. Transparency, doing the right thing and consistency are essential to the way SBM Offshore behaves towards all of its stakeholders.


SBMers respect and care for each other and for the community. Employees value teamwork and diversity. SBM Offshore listens to all its stakeholders. Health, safety, security and the environment are paramount in everything SBM Offshore does.


SBMers have an entrepreneurial mindset in everything they do. They deliver innovative and fit-for-purpose solutions with passion. In doing so, SBM Offshore aims to exceed its clients’ expectations and proactively achieve sustainable growth through balancing risks and rewards.


SBMers are all accountable for delivering on their commitments and pursuing SBM Offshore’s objectives with energy and determination. Quality is of the essence. SBMers say what they do and do what they say.